Friday, August 31, 2012

friday funk: dino sabatini LP on prologue

really, really exciting news regarding a smilecoldanatomy favorite: dino sabatini - he who crafted anatomy 14 under the modern heads alias last year - is getting ready to release his debut LP on prologue in early october! it's called shaman's path, and it is dino's "personal interpretation of the sounds of africa" according to the prologue press. it'll be the third prologue LP of the year, after inner state (from another anatomy friend, claudio prc) and after donato dozzy and neel's voices from the lake. shaman's path shows dino taking on a wide yet distinctive range of sounds, from slower, contemplative sketches to burning-hot techno skullfuckery. incidentally enough, it includes "white witch" which prologue boss tom bonaty played in his own anatomy mix... anyway, check out the album sampler below and learn more at the prologue soundcloud.

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