Saturday, July 21, 2012

it's over! (re:

as i warned a week ago, has finally closed its doors to some users, which means my page there is unfortunately now dead. fortunately, the embedded players throughout this blog will still be working for a year, so for now you're able to still stream the sumptuous sounds of smilecoldanatomy.

i'm working on another download-friendly archive solution, and at the very least, i'll soon be posting a few alternate links to some of the recent anatomy mixes. until then, another huge thanks! for those who've tuned in over the past 2+ years. the smilecoldanatomy page counted some 9200 downloads and even more streams before it went under, and it was really nice to see perc's anatomy 12 mix surpass the 1000-download mark as well.

and i know that some of you are waiting impatiently for anatomy 20 and beyond - it's gonna happen but you're just gonna have to keep waiting. cheers!

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