Friday, July 6, 2012

friday funk

fresh mixes is the theme for today's edition of friday funk: aside from rrose's very nice RA podcast, there's been some excellent sets of sounds put out across the internets this week.

claro intelecto - FACT mix 336 an excellent accompaniment to his recently released LP reform club - which is surely one of the better 'techno' albums out so far this year. claro intelecto (formally known as mark stewart, from the UK) has been making tracks for about a decade, but he seems to be in particularly fine form right now. so, perfect timing for a unique mix for FACT made up of only his own productions; expect sensually slow-burning stuff on this one.

luke slater - CLR podcast 175 (read about it here) taken from luke slater's set at fabric in london last month, it's clear that he has the long game in mind for this one. it's two hours long, and takes a bit of time to get moving, but is totally worth the patience. slater's such a great dj with his own dynamic and almost quirky mixing syle. along the way there's a few developer tracks, a kinky norman nodge remix in the middle, and of course a fair amount of slater and planetary assault systems material.... hell yeah.

skirt - URB exclusive mix i don't think this one is as good as the blinder of a set she recorded just a wee bit ago (probably because that one had a grip of my recent favorite tracks), but as usual skirt has scary-good track selection. extra points for tossing in svreca's excellent "narratif," along with skirt's own "collider" HG remix from the frozen border compilation minutes in ice.

and that's just about all for now. time for my friday to begin with a visit to the beach, probably followed by some partying at smart bar. moodymann and the advent are headlining tonight and tomorrow, respectively. and, my buddy and local dj (and mind behind the currently in-limbo tektite recordings) merrick brown, who incidentally just cooked up a diverse set of electro and techno for the club, is on the bill tomorrow as well.

later this weekend i may do a ustream set at some point; if you haven't noticed via other anatomy social media, i occasionally broadcast sets here. anyway, coming soon: some of my favorite music from the first half of 2012.

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