Saturday, July 14, 2012


attention, readers and anatomy mix enthusiasts:

it's official (bad pun, i know). according to a recent email and blog post, will finally make a full switch to their new format, and all media accounts are set to "disappear" on wednesday, july 18th - that means the smilecoldanatomy page might soon be wiped from the face of the earth.

the statement also reads, "if you have embedded players from the old site, they will keep working for a year" - i understand this to mean that you will still be able to play (stream) the files, which is a good thing, but not necessarily download them. has proven itself a great resource for smilecoldanatomy over the past few years, one that was well worth the investment, so next week i will try to make the jump to the site's new format to see if it can still work as a host to this blog's mixes. either way: please, if you haven't yet, i highly recommend you download any and all anatomy mixes (or my own mixes) by next tuesday, july 17th.

on tuesday, i'll try to move on with the new if that doesn't work, i may move to another hosting site where i will not be able to afford unlimited storage space - which will mean 'archiving' older mixes to make room for new ones. don't worry, the anatomy series is not going away, it's just been in limbo the past few months as i've been considering how to move forward. you can expect another mix or two soon, but until then, why not download a few more mixes while they're still easily accessible?

anyway: THANK YOU, to everyone who's ever listened to or downloaded any of the sounds i've tried to share here, and to each and every artist who decided to join the fun. my page shows more than 9100 total downloads and 9300 total plays - numbers that i am very proud of. so, go grab a few more mixes if you need to, and stay tuned.

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  1. Well i migrated there and it seems to work nicely, another alternative is ofcourse mixcloud which doesnt let you download, but mixes could stored somewhere else..
    Anyway i think it will all work out nicely :)
    Thanks for all the mixes it has been a pleasure to listen to them!