Wednesday, July 18, 2012


a few interviews have been floating around the internets recently, check them out:

KANGDING RAY TALKS WITH RA the raster-noton artist who's recently put out material for modal analysis (i reviewed that EP here) and stroboscopic artefacts, talks in depth about his working processes at RA. i really liked this line - "[Raster-Noton label head] Carsten Nicolai is always telling me to be more direct and not do so many versions. He tends to prefer the early version of tracks—the rough ones." - as i think i agree with carsten nicolai. kangding ray's OR, which was one of my 2011 favorites, sometimes comes across just a bit too clean for my tastes. 

KANGDING RAY TALKS WITH SUBSEKT hey hey, another interview, this one at the subsekt blog, with the man formally known as david letellier. here he talks more about how his music has come out, particularly the SA connection, and mentions an upcoming remix for the strange and mysterious violet poison project... 

PERC PREACHES BALANCE AND MODERATION gotta love perc's honest and bullshit-free approach to things, as seen in this dub moniter interview. "Good music does not inspire me; it is the crap, the fodder, the unimaginative generic bland techno, solely produced to get gigs that inspires me to push forward to try to do something different both as a producer and a label owner." hear hear! also discussed: making sure that your output as an artist (or label) is never too prolific... so it looks like FSG's labour division will be the only long player out on perc trax this year. 

NICK HÖPPNER, SELECTIONS AND TAXES the ostgut ton label manager and panoramabar resident chats with the quietus about his recent panoramabar 04 official mix, and the financial poker game that germany's GEMA artist-tariff organization is currently playing with the country's clubbing culture. (head here, and pull up your google translator if necessary, for more information and a petition that - if you love clubbing - is totally worth your time and signature.)

NICK HÖPPNER, AGAIN another two-fer. this time höppner goes on video with FACT. he gets into more detail about the alleged 'berghain sound' and the GEMA problem.

TOSHIYA KAWASAKI - RARE CHAT WITH RA yes, another RA interview, this time with the founder of japan's excellent mule musiq imprint. kawasaki talks about the early days, aesthetics, and mule musiq's interaction with the scenes and artists in japan and beyond. he also shares some interesting thoughts about how he and the label approach the album format. and with recent singles coming from oskar offermann and christopher rau, methinks that mule musiq is doing pretty well at the moment.

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