Friday, July 13, 2012

great american techno festival - denver

this just in: the initial lineup for denver's great american techno festival!

Kevin Saunderson (Detroit, MI)
John Tejada (Los Angeles, CA)
Mike Parker (Buffalo, NY)
Rrose (Washington, D.C.)
Drumcell (Los Angeles, CA)
Raiz (Los Angeles, CA)
Deepak Sharma (New York, NY)
Donor (Brooklyn, NY)
Jason Short (Jacksonville, FL)
Tiari (Detroit, MI)
Oonaslim (San Francisco, CA)
Dela (Milwaukee, WI)

it's looking like a very nice combination of talent, all US-sourced. which is always nice to see, especially because there's a bunch of legitimate *techno* whereas lesser events may try to over-hype any number of so-called 'minimal' or 'tech-house' acts. my pick of the bunch so far is mike parker, but i'm also personally keen to see what rrose, john tejada, drumcell and raiz from droid behavior, and of course kevin saunderson can do. you can read what i had to say for RA news here, then check out the festival's homepage and stay updated via facebook. oh, did i mention, i'll be in attendance? it will be my first time in colorado in almost a decade, i think. see you there...

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  1. Looks solid, would love to Mike someday, i think the trip for you is worth only for that :)
    Funny name of the fest tho :D