Friday, June 4, 2010

matthew dear preps new album: black city

smilecoldanatomy loves matthew dear. last year, this writer was lucky enough to thrice see the centerpiece of dear's 2009 musical output: the hecatomb audio-visual live show under his audion alias. this summer, dear releases black city, his fourth album under his own name and first since asa breed in 2007.

dear's other aliases rely on his distinctively weird production, but under his own name, the man creates a sort of vocal pop music... still, of course, strung out over his hypnotically disjointed rhythms.

black city sees the light of day, and unfortunately the fading light of summer, on august 16. it will be released on ghostly international, which has, along with its sublabel spectral sound, been home to many matthew dear and audion releases. too bad this won't get released any sooner... but until then, you can go to his website to sign up to receive a freely-downloadable single from the album, the funky-weird "i can't feel"; or go to pitchfork for a stream if you're lazy.

go go gadget: matthew dear minimal pop!

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