Monday, June 14, 2010

monday night news/food for thought

i just enjoyed some soup and toast, and i've been reading some of this stuff:

sonar chicago
chicago heads, here's more information on this september's chicago version of spain's barcelona festival. looks like the main day events will go on at the chicago cultural center downtown. i'm really excited to learn more about the "experimental slant" of the weekend. smilecoldanatomy will secretly hope for a few favorites to make an appearance. *cough*monolake*shed*vladislav delay*cough*

juno plus interviews ben klock
check out this conversation with berghain/ostgut ton superman ben klock. very cool to see where he came from and where he's trying to go. this writer looks forward to ostgut's upcoming 5-year compilation, as well as klock's berghain 04 mix... and is still trying to forget about his heartbreaking detroit shut-down (more on that later).

FACT talks with regis
turn on a few sandwell district tracks and cozy up to this lengthy chat with karl o'connor, aka regis. the man has been making dark, visceral tracks for more than 15 years, and lately has helped grow sandwell district into one of the best techno labels in the world... his 'variance iv' is a punishingly cerebral work of art. worth your time, this one!

mathew jonson discusses his new album
read this interview with the wagon repair leader, on the heels of his solo album debut, agents of time. jonson sounds like a pretty groovy guru here, which makes sense given the trance-inducing nature of his music. from this chat, it sounds like he has a good grasp on how to work with the long-player format; i'm hoping for good things when i finally give agents of time a thorough listen.

and because i'm a huge fan of all things cosmic, i've been intrigued by these literary pieces of outer-space goodness:

hubble catches planet being devoured by its star

hints of life found on saturn moon

quantum teleportation achieved over 10 miles of free space

and in some final news for now, to any chicago north-siders out there: i'll be dj'ing at the morseland here in rogers park this wednesday night. i'm opening and only playing an hour or so but i have some fresh records to play out so i'll try to keep it deep. cheers!

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