Thursday, June 24, 2010

new FREE autolux single! 'supertoys'

finally, more signs of life: autolux releases a new song from their upcoming album!

obviously this blog loves autolux. the dreamy, noisy, shoe-gazing trio of eugene goreshter (bass guitar/lead vox), greg edwards (lead guitar/vox), and carla azar (drums/vox) crafted one of my absolute favorite albums ever, 2004's future perfect. since then, well ... not much has happened. apparently the band has spent years trying to find the best place to release their sophomore album...

then, earlier this year, the band revealed some details of the new album, transit transit, but still gave no date for it to be released. then last month, again through their myspace, autolux announced tuesday, august 3rd as the official release date. and just yesterday, the band has offered up the first single, 'supertoys', as a free download at their website. trade your email address, and they'll send you a download link.

i am really digging this track: the lyrics, the singing (carla sounds so dreamy here), and that freaked-out fuzz guitar solo at the end...

once again, check out autolux's myspace for more information, streaming tracks, and updates. presumably to support transit transit the band has announced a nationwide tour starting in august. attention, chicago heads: friday, august 20 will see autolux playing the bottom lounge here in chicago!

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