Friday, June 18, 2010

friday night mixes

it's hot, sticky and foreboding out, which is a good enough excuse to stay in and listen to music.

forward strategy group - podcast E.P.079
gotta sign up up to for this one, but it's worth it for their mix series. forward strategy group is patrick walker and smear, and they craft industrial-strength techno... smear's recent remix on zooloft records is a real earth-scorcher. this set hits it hard, fast, and noisy, with some harsh dub chords and cerebral bleeping... and the ending should leave no mind un-blown.

marcel fengler - RA.209
RA archives their mixes pretty quickly, so grab this one while it's hot! marcel fengler is a resident at berlin's berghain club, and his productions have always been worth a listen. fengler starts off this RA podcast with some really gorgeous deep dubs, then kicks it into high gear, landing magnificently onto his own 'chi twine' halfway through. check out the tracklist at RA. very nice!

marcel dettmann live @ sub club (glasgow) - 04-02-2010
only 35 minutes long, but it's packed with power! i could wish this was longer, but it's still a very tight set of diverse tracks.

xhin - electric deluxe podcast 019
lately, this guy has thrown down some relentlessly driving techno in his podcast mixes. here, xhin trades the four-on-the-floor for a bunch of off-dancefloor styles and bpm's, featuring amon tobin, squarepusher, and radiohead's jonny greenwood among many others that should tickle your brain nicely. a very thoughtful collection of heady tunes, this one... definitely a keeper.

enjoy! and thanks to those who came out to the morseland wednesday to listen to me spin my records - good times. more music and reviews soon....

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