Saturday, May 22, 2010

saturday update: new music news!

here's some music news for your saturday early evening:

tin man releases new LP: scared
i've talked about tin man before: his style blends acid, slow-burning techno, and downcast vocals to create a uniquely insane stew. pennsylvania-based label white denim will release this new LP: just one pressing run, just 550 vinyl records. follow this link for white denim's description and song preview, and buy it at their homepage. it's only $10 to buy and ship this record... i just made my purchase yesterday, i can't wait to hear it!

pan sonic to release new LP: gravitoni
the finnish duo of mike vainio and ilpo vaisanen will unleash a new album via blast first petite on june 7. pan sonic has been making their own blend of relentlessly clinical electronics since the mid-90s; according to vainio, the project "goes into deep freeze" after gravitoni, but according to RA, they seem to have another album in the works after this. lately, i've been enjoying oleva, an album from 2008 by vainio's prolific O alias, and i'm looking forward to pan sonic bringing some new sounds to the world in a few weeks!

donato dozzy's album debut... on tape (and later, on vinyl)
italian techno-based cleansing agent donato dozzy will put out his first-ever full-length, K, on further records, based out of seattle, washington. the album will first be released as a limited-edition cassette tape on june 1 and presales are already moving quickly at further's website; a vinyl version is due out in september.

martinez's paradigm shift due out next week
on the more sexy side of things, moon harbour recordings will release a new album by martinez, his third proper LP. hailing from denmark, martinez has been quite prolific over the past decade; this album should follow up on the smooth, jazzy, looong deep house tracks he has put out on moon harbour lately. due out next week, may 26.

lots of new music to look forward to as the summer heats up!

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  1. Really nice update! today i will post an interview with a swedish Dj/Producer/label manager called LaFleur hope you'll like it!