Tuesday, May 4, 2010

new album(s) from sistol

it's been more than 10 years since he first started the project, but sasu ripatti is resurrecting sistol with a new album and a re-release+remixes package later this summer.

compared to his many other aliases, sistol is more directly 4/4-rhythmic glitch music. it took a back seat as ripatti became incredibly prolific with projects like vladislav delay, luomo, uusitalo, and last year's moritz von oswald trio (which is set for an appearance at detroit's movement festival later this month) now, ripatti is reporting that after relatively recent efforts by most of those projects, he'll be focusing on sistol. a re-mastered version of the original self-titled album will be released along with a set of remixes on july 27, and the new album, titled on the bright side, will emerge on august 24.

hop on over to resident advisor for more information and a brief interview with ripatti about these developments. since this project first debuted in 1999, sasu ripatti has released about a dozen full-lengths; it should be interesting to see how a decade's worth of other (excellent) pursuits will effect sistol...

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