Saturday, May 15, 2010

saturday stuff

hi all, hope everyone has been enjoying claudio PRC's intriguing set of mental sounds... now here's a few other mixes i've been enjoying lately:

lucy - noice podcast episode 130

part one of a 4-part stroboscopic artefacts mix mini-series at noice; more info and tracklisting here. the label, lucy's own, is barely a year old but already making waves in the techno world with dark, deep tracks and tools...

xhin - modyfier process part 199b
here's part of another stroboscopic mini-series, this time on modyfier. xhin's made some killer stuff on the label recently, and if you crave some nonstop techno surgery, this mix should scratch that itch. serious business, this one.

dimitri pike - berlin wall of sound
of course i'm gonna love this one; it's composed entirely of tracks from the basic channel/chain reaction guys... so expect a steady dose of dubby techno, ending with the epic track 'infinition'.

marcel dettmann - FACT mix 150
grab it while it's hot! a diverse journey through some sounds that i'm almost entirely unfamiliar with. but even if i'm not completely sold on dettmann's new LP, i trust his ability to tell a story, and blend it together nicely... info, interview, tracklisting here.

that's all for now... enjoy!

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