Sunday, September 29, 2013

four years!

and so it continues, as today marks four years since smilecoldanatomy was born!

thanks to everyone who has ever tuned in, hung around, reached out and otherwise helped inspire what has transpired here, ever since the first post back in late september of 2009. extra thanks to the five artists who have contributed to the anatomy series over the last twelve months: abdulla rashim, bleaching agent, fabrizio lapiana, smear and percyl. i hope you've enjoyed their mixes as much as i have.

looking forward, i still have plenty more to share. if you happen to be seeking some fresh anatomy mixes, don't worry. they are rare for a reason, but i promise there will be more very soon - including, perhaps, the first from a US artist. (i'm also working on a few new mixes of my own.)

if you'd like to further connect beyond this blog, here's a reminder that i post pretty frequently to the smilecoldanatomy facebook page, and occasionally distribute nonsense via twitter. and i'm still a contributor for RA; if you like what i write about here, you might like my reviews over there.

that's all for now... thanks again for stopping by!

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