Tuesday, October 1, 2013

new (live) album from PAN SONIC in the works

[updated] rejoice! after more than three years in "deep freeze" with no new releases, a new live album from pan sonic, the legendary finnish experimental duo of mika vainio and ilpo väisänen, is in the works. title: oksastus.

pan sonic were last in action with 2010's excellent album gravitoni. at the time, it seemed like the pair were about to take an extended break from working together. in the interim, väisänen's output appears to have been sparse, but vainio has been especially productive with his own solo and collaborative pursuits. (RA tips: i wrote this review on his latest solo LP kilo - which is fantastic! - and this news piece covering his upcoming collaboration with sunn O)))'s stephen o'malley, among other recent exploits.)

thanks to darkfloor for sharing the news, and getting clarification: this doesn't actually mark a reunion for pan sonic, but instead the release of a live recording from 2009. oksastus - a finnish word that translates to "grafting" - will come out on limited 2xLP and CD via the ukrainian label kvitnu. like pan sonic's previous live releases often issued via other labels, it's a departure from the blast first/blast first petite axis that put out much of their studio work. there's no release date yet; the closest thing we have to a time is the words "coming soon" on the image above, from the label's website. i'm sure i'm not alone in thinking that while a new studio album would have been a welcome revelation, it's good enough to know that a fresh release from the duo is forthcoming.

while we all await more details, here's some links to a few of my favorite tracks from pan sonic.

... happy tuesday! try not to get too distracted now.

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