Monday, September 9, 2013

monday moods: alva noto - xerrox monophaser 2

raster-noton has been a source of plenty of experimental goodness over the years. one of the best things i've heard from the label is the 2009 album xerrox vol.2 from alva noto (aka carsten nicolai). it's the follow up to 2007's xerrox vol.1, and i think it's the better of the two, though you can't go wrong with either if you're into unique approaches to ambient music.

after putting it aside for a while, i recently gave xerrox vol.2 another listen and have found myself once again enthralled with its layers of warm and fuzzy noise, sublime digital tones and long chord movements. the whole album has this mood to it - at once futuristic and nostalgic - that to me is absolutely addicting. it's hard to pick a favorite here but for today i'll go with "xerrox monophaser 2", which is up on youtube accompanied, very appropriately, by images from NASA. happy monday!

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