Monday, October 15, 2012

monday moods: wagon christ - sorry i make you lush (ninja tune, 2004)

happy monday and time to hype one of my all-time favorite albums: sorry i make you lush from wagon christ, aka luke vibert.

vibert has crafted more than a dozen albums under a bunch of different names. but from what i'm familiar with, sorry i make you lush, released on ninja tune in 2004, has always stood out. it's just so easy to return to, over and over again - and not just because of the lovely cover artwork. warm ultra-nostalgic moments abound from the very first track "saddic gladdic," which is followed by one of my personal favorites from the LP, "i'm singing."

later on, "shadows" samples a crucial moment from the james bond flick diamonds are forever, pulling it back down to earth with moody female vox and fitting it between some smart drum work and fuzzed-out acid. check out the official video on youtube... it's fantastic:

but for me, the album's best track is "sci-fi staircase" - a seven-minute flight over vast expanses of spiraling musical architecture. it's the stuff dreams are made of, way off in some exceptionally euphoric future. (probably.)

advanced pop and trip hop vibes, gnarly acid riffs, and dramatic employment of acoustic-sourced samples - sorry i make you lush has it all. a timeless album, i say, and time to (re)visit...

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