Thursday, October 18, 2012

CUB - C U 1 / C U 2

my current jam is C U 1 / C U 2... the second and most recent CUB record produced by karl o'connor (aka regis).

while the four tracks across this and the prior release use a generally similar supply of sounds, the versions on the new record are noticeably faster-paced when compared to the first record. if i had one gripe about that one, it was that those sub-120bpm tracks sometimes felt too slow. that's less of a problem here on C U 1 / C U 2: each side's bpm measures in the mid-120s, which should make them much more workable for club dj's.

"C U 1 (original mix)" holds its own as a high-grade workhorse track that's more closely aligned to the sound of the previous record. but the clear winner - the best thing yet from the project - is "C U 2 (UST funk mix)" on the flip. buzzing, sinewy riffs abound, and that track's last section is layered with subtly soothing psych-out drones. overall, premium stuff from regis as expected, and certainly one of the year's more impressive techno records. hear for yourself:

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