Monday, October 8, 2012

monday moods: VC-118A (live)

seeming to fly a bit under the radar, VC-118A is the new alias of samuel van dijk, a dutch producer perhaps best known for the short but sumptuous supply of deep, dubby techno he's crafted as mohlao. hints of a more dynamic, 'electro' sound have shown up in van dijk's work before - shining brilliantly through one of the first mohlao tracks, "individual", for example - and VC-118A now embraces that aesthetic with open arms.

check out these *two* *free* live sets recorded last month. raw analog percussion; emotional, otherworldly atmospheres; and spooky, sticky effects - it's all awesome stuff, i think. go for the first, newer set if you need to pick between the two; there's certainly a lot of common material between them. and click through to soundcloud for a download link if necessary.

be on the lookout for the recently released VC-118A 2xLP international airlines on the very nice imprint lunar disko records (that's the artwork at above/left - sample the album here) and check the artist's multi-purpose facebook page for future updates. huge thanks to van dijk and lunar disko for sharing these extremely dope sets!


  1. hey i stumbled across your blog researching Rossella's music - you have a great taste in electronic sounds - I will be coming back here a lot.

    Keep up the good work, much love from the UK! :)


    PS. As a man who knows his music - do you know any producers with a sound like Dino Sabatini and Gianluca Meloni that I may have missed? I really like the driving, chaotic minimal sound and want to add to my collection!

  2. hello! thanks for the very nice comment. as to that particular sort of sound you're looking for, i think many of the anatomy mixes here (and maybe even my own sets) would appeal to you. feel free to shoot me an email - i'll send you some more stuff to look into.

  3. Really great blog here. In the wake of mnml ssgs' closure, you do a great job of making people more aware of awesome music.

  4. thanks! i've got lots of respect for mnml ssgs and the sounds they pushed (giorgio gigli's mnml ssgs mix was particularly inspiring for me when it came out). anyway, sharing is caring - if you like anything you see here, please pass it on!