Wednesday, February 9, 2011

february chart!

here's some music i've been enjoying lately. mostly new stuff as usual, including a very special upcoming collaboration on aconito...

i promise to have a new anatomy mix up very, very soon; the mixer is not on this chart, for the sake of mystery, but i've got a handful of mixes to share soon, and anatomy 06 should be a classy start to things here in 2011. anyway, until then, check it:

1. claudio prc|svart1 - black moon part 1 & 2 | mono records
2. giorgio gigli - skulking in the shadow ep | zooloft
3. tin man - nonneo | absurd recordings
4. skirt - in the meadow under the stars | horizontal ground
5. jeff mills - what was it | something in the sky
6. dasha rush - 64 dreams | hunger to create
7. mike parker - subterranean liquid | prologue
8. justin berkovi - backshredding (forward strategy group remix) | perc trax
9. lucy - tof (tommy four seven remix) | stroboscopic artefacts
10. achromorphe ep | aconito


  1. Some very nice selections, although I prefer the Dozzy remix of Tin Man.

  2. it's a tough choice for me. both are good: i think i'd like the dozzy remix because it's a bit longer and deeper, but i really like the nostalgic, emotional feel of those chords in the original.