Sunday, February 13, 2011

suspect - traveling through without [anatomy 06]

let's bring in the new year (albeit a bit late) in style, with a lush, atmospheric live set from berlin-based man of mystery, suspect!

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suspect has been around for a while. i first discovered his music through a release on dasha rush's fullpanda label, and later learned about his earlier dark network project. anyway, suspect was kind enough to write an essay about himself and his music, so get informed before checking out the mix at the bottom of the page:

Brian asked me to do a little rant about what got me into music and my interests. I don't like overdone bio's or cold anonymity so I hope this small rant is interesting to some of you :)

When I was 15 I was a computer hacker and started to make music using Octamed and Impulse Tracker. I made my own cheap Digital Analogue Convertor with serial port as I couldn’t afford to have a proper soundcard. There was no internet (as we know it now) and at the time music, data and codes were swapped via Bulletin Board dialup sites or private government run networks. These were also seminal days for Techno. With other collaborators we ran free open air parties in eerie pine forests - forests not meant to be there. This was Australia.

I moved onto analogue studio setups and shortly after relocated to US later in the 90s where I was influenced more by the swing hat sounds and lighter chord/melody arrangements of Chicago/Detroit than the (predominantly) Dutch and German Techno I had been listening to before.

I have been living in Berlin for a number of years now. Times have changed so much. Techno is on the radio, is a massive industry and along with it comes politics. I don’t have much time for politics or exclusive relationships with venues, labels, promoters or boys clubs. What keeps music fresh for me is openness. I am blessed to have a wonderful music community around me in Berlin and connections in many of the cities I go to and this supports and inspires me as I continue to express and connect.

Last year I released a triple vinyl album on Thug Records which has had a John Tejada remix out, and Tevo Howard remixes out sometime this month. In a month or two will be a Creepy Autograph (Jimmy Edgar) and Suspect split 12”. We had other ‘bigger’ artists on the remix shortlist but decided to go with people we respect as individuals and were good people to deal with instead of people who were not on the same wavelength. All these releases are vinyl only. The record label, Thug Records, has been super supportive of the creative aspects of these projects.

This mix is comprised of tracks that are new and up to 10 years old. I played this mix live in Berlin - last set - I knew I was going to use it for smilecoldanatomy so I took the opportunity to make it a deep, atmospheric techno mix for lounge room travel. I have mastered it a little bit because the sound system was a bit messy. Probably I was too.

Thanks to Brian for the spot. Enjoy.

Timothy Sage

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Track list::
00:00:: partsofus - (cc) [melbourne- 2001]
04:32:: forwhat? - on the way EP, fullpanda records [russia/berlin - 2009]
08:06:: gran - (cc) [melbourne2000]
14:20:: 38000 feet high - passport EP, platinum page [made in an aeroplane -2007]
19:00:: racetobass - (cc) [berlin 2009]
21:01:: coast - traveller EP [paris 2006]
25:21:: sky_lounge - passport EP, platinum page [bahrain, 2006]
31:29:: anila [london2005] 34:36 :: stretched - unfinished business (album), thug records [berlin 2008]
40:02:: shditch - (cc) [london2007]
44:02:: australwerks - passport EP, platinum page [sydney, 2008]
49:10:: bricklay - (cc) [berlin 2006]
52:16:: obedient - soundtrack for 'obedient' war documentary by joseph ramirez [london2007]
62:14:: fin--->
creative commons trax marked with (cc)

thanks again to suspect for his contribution. it took us a while to put everything together to share this, but i think it was worth the wait. i have planned some fairly abstract mixes on the way for smilecoldanatomy in 2011, but i think this is a classy way to start things off: deep and dynamic, but never too intense... "lounge room travel", indeed. enjoy!