Wednesday, January 26, 2011

star dimmer

new mix by yours truly...i wanted to create a sensual situation that moves through dark places and into a blissful, cozy warmth... at least, i hope these emotions shine through. the set was spontaneously assembled in one take; overall it's more raw and dynamic than my previous mix (with a few rough blends), but i think there's an interesting sort of tension and depth because of it, balanced nicely with the dust and pops of the vinyl. something for bedtime, something for lovers...

cv313 - subtraktive | echospace
dimi angelis|jeroen search - nausea | figure spc
rossella - logistic intelligence | elettronica romana ltd
marcel dettmann - drawing | ostgut ton
giorgio gigli|obtane - psychological scene of the imagination | zooloft
milton bradley - uncontrollable desire | do not resist the beat
silent servant - regis edit | sandwell district
hironori takahashi - outgass (nax_acid edit) | aconito
dino sabatini - my second life | prologue
smallpeople - before leaving for paris | laid

49 minutes long, and created, (like all my mixes) with vinyl records in one take. i used shure whitelabel cartridges, technics 1200mk2's, and a vestax pc-175 mixer interfaced with audacity 1.3beta; then i applied a simple boost to the levels (it's still a bit quiet, oh well), and converted to mp3@320.

thanks as always to those who understand and inspire! extra hugs to elly and andrew, and my music friends around the world... enjoy!


  1. nice tracklist, brian. diggin' it so far.
    -spencer, OL

  2. thanks for listening, spencer :-)

  3. Really enjoyed this mix, the Rosella track is very nice - will need to pic that up.

    Some great sounds for a sunday morning!

  4. thanks for listening! that rossella record was supposed be half of a 2-part series, i guess; i've been waiting to see if the other half will ever be released. the track i use here is soooo dreamy...

  5. dreamy ... yes...great choice of words .. i like is indeed sooo dreamy , smooth ...perfect morning vibe this mix of urs. thx