Sunday, April 11, 2010

upcoming new niederflur album: 'bipolar' (and live preview mix!)

another new album to get excited about: german-based experimental techno duo niederflur are preparing a new album, bipolar, to be released this summer!

christopher bleckmann and hannes wenner have made music under a variety of aliases, but it is perhaps the niederflur moniker that is the most well-known, with a cd album release on m-nus in 2002 (and more recently an EP release on archipel). the music is mostly deep, slow, reduced techno, given some warmth and ambiance by field recordings from the subway system of cologne, germany, where the duo is based. resident advisor is reporting that niederflur will also include dubstep sounds on the new album, which will be released via the duo's digital label niederflurtracks. according to RA, bipolar will be released on june 15, but according to niederflur's soundcloud, it seems like the album will be released on may 1. a new track can be streamed at their soundcloud, as well as this very tasty half-hour-long set previewing material from bipolar:
Niederflur - Bipolar Live Pt 1 - Nord by NIEDERFLUR

for more information about this and the other projects by the duo, check out their website. smilecoldanatomy looks forward to the future with niederflur!

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