Sunday, April 18, 2010

techno power!

here's 3 sets and 8 hours worth of for your sunday evening...

sandwell district - live @ planet rose, nijmegen - 14-02-2009
four hours of sandwell district in action. i'm not sure who is playing in this, although i'd guess that function and/or regis, the founders of the sandwell imprint, may have been involved. i think these guys do live+dj sets, which would make sense: we've got what sounds like standard dj mixing blended with those immediately-familiar, bleeping, polyrhythmic loops the label is known for. deep, aggressive, intense... very nice. and if you don't know already, edm archivist extraordinaire r_co is responsible for this download link. go check out his soundcloud for plenty of other great sets.

speedy j live @ some old nazi bunker in norway 01
another set from last year; i believe speedy j uses a 'digital dj' setup, with 2 computers and 2 midi controllers in place of turntables (sorta like richie hawtin), and here the question of supposed 'authenticity' with such a setup does not apply, because this is some serious shit. lots of loops strung together into three hours of faceless, super-rhythmic, driving techno (although it seems like the download only yields a 2+ hour recording). that bunker must have been dripping from this set...

RA201: 19.454.
anonymous dj/producer(s?) for the win! grab this while it's hot, because resident advisor likes to 'archive' podcasts within a few weeks of their release. this is 'only' 70 minutes long, but i love the concept: ambient beginning with a discussion about the future, techno with the occasional dubby breather, and then an excellent peverelist track followed by a spacey outro to end it. i don't know much about this numbered figure besides the fact that he's associated with the horizontal ground label... check out the RA interview and the forum discussion for an almost-complete tracklist.

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