Monday, April 5, 2010

monday night depth

here's a few more journeys into some deeper sounds...

ercolino - process part 199c
a wonderful, compact mix as part of a stroboscopic artefacts showcase on the modyfier blog. be sure to give the mixes by xhin and lucy a listen, but this has become my favorite of the three. i had never heard of ercolino before this besides seeing him cited on a stroboscopic release, but if this mix represents his style, i definitely need to hear more. in only 47 minutes, ercolino blends a variety of tempos and styles, weaving some stroboscopic tracks into and out of hazy triphop and other reduced techno, and finally ending with some gorgeous ambience. you can check out the short tracklisting here. HIGHLY recommended!

marcel dettmann - live at sonar festival, barcelona, june 2009
finally got around to listening to this. as i've ranted a few times, i was in barcelona during sonar but skipped this in favor of cheaper partying in the city. still, this is a solid set, and dettmann covers a lot of ground in 100 minutes, from minimal techno to more house-y elements, and ending on bit of an electro rave-up. check ben klock's excellent remix of depeche mode right smack-dab in the middle... very nice. according to the stories i've heard about dettmann's sets in his native berghain club in berlin, this would probably be representative of a much longer set where dettmann takes the clubgoers on a multi-genre journey. solid.

sleeparchive - vienna, austria livePA 2006-1-1
ah yes, i almost forgot how much i like sleeparchive's productions, and i recently stumbled across this very cool livePA. if you're not familiar with sleeparchive, go ahead and check this out... a highly repetitive combination of simplistic drums, electric discharges, and cosmic bleeps, all swerving in and out of focus with each other. get digital...

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