Sunday, November 8, 2009

more mixes!

hello all, haven't had much free time lately; i've either been busy working or tuning in to a bunch of different mixes and albums, especially stuff claimed by some as "the best of 2009"... anyhoo, here's a few more mixes for your ears to digest:

juho kahilainen - together and none
found out about this guy through his recently-released EP on prologue, and had to learn more about him. on his myspace, he describes his music as "depressive trance," which i think is a good description for this assemblage of deep, ominous tracks. check out his website for more information (it's an interesting read...) and a tracklisting.

shed - live PA at sonar festival 2009, barcelona
honestly, i should have been at this. i was in barcelona and wanted to attend sonar, but seeing shed and marcel dettman's short time slots convinced me to go check out something cheaper. too bad i didn't make it... as mnml ssgs puts it, this guy knows how to "bring the hammer." his 2008 album shedding the past is a masterpiece, a modern take on dub-inflected techno full of depth and emotion. some might consider this live PA repetitive and abrasive, i just think it's marvelous. intensely hypnotic... so move your body.

insideout - bunker podcast 61
from one of my current favorites, recorded in june at a bunker party. compared to his stranger things should happen mix i discussed before, this is a bit more tech-y, with some weird, deep tracks sprinkled throughout - solid. check out the bunker podcast series for a brief blurb on the mix, as well as many more sets worth your ear-time.



  1. ^hey no problem, thanks for tuning in. looks like the link is dead now so i'll have to upload it again :-)