Sunday, November 1, 2009

a couple fresh mixes...

happy sunday night and happy halloween! i'll bring you some monday monolake tomorrow but for now i wanted to discuss a few recent mixes i've been enjoying.

panorama bar 02 mixed by tama sumo
here is some nice deep house courtesy of the ostgut guys. i had never heard of tama sumo before this, but given this is an ostgut release, i figured it would be worth a listen. i've actually tried it a few times and it's growing on me, especially the first 60 minutes or so, although there's a vocal track near the end that sorta grinds my gears. highlights for me are the opening tinman track (this and the hype on mnml ssgs has convinced me that i'll need to check out more of his stuff), and the gorgeous 'u & i' by prosumer and murat tepeli.

simply devotion (cassy in the mix)
another house-y mix on cocoon with a good amount of female vocals, including cassy's distinctive voice but with a bit more old-school, soulful jams than tama sumo's mix above. this also ends on a very strong note... whateva!

peteone - muse DC 2009-10-22
this is a recording of a dj set from my buddy peteone. a bit more variety than the above mixes, as peteone takes the set from a fun, ethnic, tribal feel into a more tech-oriented territory before a few mellow mirko loko tracks finish things off.


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