Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RIP: sonotheque )-;

so while i've been away from this blog, it turned out that the the murmurs were true - word had been spreading for a few weeks about a possible change in ownership at sonotheque, a nightclub just a mile west of downtown that has hosted a wealth of interesting electronic music. i had only been attending events at this club for the past year and a half or so, but i've seen a lot good music and met a lot of fun, interesting people here. unfortunately, sonotheque finally closed its doors for good this past weekend.

from the chilled-out beats of the sight below and lusine, to the minimal grooves of daniel bell, to the weirdo stylings of bruno pronsato - sonotheque became, along with smartbar, my favorite club for edm. anyone who knows me knows i only go to these sorts of places for the music, and even if people bitched about the soundsystem or the step dividing the dance floor, i still loved the vibes of the place, knowing i would see familiar faces whose focus was on the music and not on looking cool...

it's a fucking shame this happened so quickly, and with so little fanfare. a club of this caliber deserved a better send-off, but perhaps the almighty dollar didn't allow that. oh well, i can only hope that smartbar picks up the slack.

good bye, sonotheque - my memories of dancing with good people within your chic confines will not soon be forgotten!

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