Friday, April 18, 2014

what to do

do it to it:

LISTEN TO EARTHEN SEA this one, mirage, is such a nice record. i've listened to it plenty (and wrote this review about it) but just to be sure any ambient techno heads out there don't miss out on it, here's "velvet grey" which is probably my favorite track from the EP.

SIGN THIS PETITION it requests that panasonic restart production of the much-loved technics line of turntables. who knows what effect if any this would have, but we can dream, right? plus, it's nice to see more than 16,000 other signatories (at the time of this post) agree. sign it!

ANTICIPATE A NEW ALBUM FROM JOSH EUSTIS i'm a huge fan of telefon tel aviv, so when charlie cooper tragically died five years ago as the duo were releasing their latest (and for now, last) album, i was pretty emotional about it. now it's time for an album from the duo's other half, josh eustis, produced under the name sons of magdalene. it looks like it'll be heavy listening: eustis started the project in 2007 after learning that his father was diagnosed with cancer. check out this FACT news/interview for more details. release date: june 24.


PAY ATTENTION TO JOAN CORNELLÀ this (visual) artist has turned into one of my favorites, ever since i discovered his work at some point late last year. his comic strips play out, sans words, like some strange sort of cheerful and often violent game of chess... fascinating stuff. yes, all three images in this post come from him. go to his facebook page to find more.

DO VOODOO WITH A MIX FROM PATRICK WALKER now for something from a former anatomy mixer. originally posted back in november, this has been one of my go-to mixes. "one for fans of lost / bicknell / mills / oliver ho" says patrick. fast, dense, relentlessly percussive and oh yeah, it's a vinyl set. *dope* OG voodoo techno!

LET THIS NEW CASUAL VIOLENCE TRACK MELT YOUR SKULL and now a fresh jam from another friend of the blog: an unreleased track "recorded in one take, using one sound source (on one channel only)"... you might have an idea of what to expect, but either way, prepare your head.


BE ANGRY AT BUDGET CUTS AFFECTING NASA'S SPACE EXPLORATION PROGRAMS if you're from the US and/or you're a fan of space exploration, this new york times piece from a few weeks ago might grind your gears. in budgets of hundreds of billions of dollars, it's absurd that the government might not be able to allocate something like 22 million to keep these projects alive, but can find much more money than that to buy tanks the army does not want.

DIVE INTO AN EXCELLENT AMBIENT MIX FROM MULTICAST DYNAMICS aka VC-118A, aka mohlao, real name samuel van dijk. a very deep, layered journey, with abstract and ambient tracks from brian eno, mike parker, sleeparchive, robert henke/monolake, and so on... yeah, i *highly* recommend this one.

TUNE OUT WITH IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS this 2011 album the path of spectrolite, produced by john elliott (formerly of emeralds, currently of outer space) under the name imaginary softwoods, is a relatively recent discovery for me. so i'm a little late, but whatever, it is fantastic, and one of my most listened-to albums over the past few months.

and that's all folks. more stuff to come really, really soon....

Friday, April 11, 2014

(my) recent RA reviews

i've started writing some more RA reviews on a regular basis. here's a pile of recent ones; feel free to read, like, hate, comment, or whatever...

korova - horizontally three solid tracks from korova and NX1, but skirt's groovy, spacey remix is easily my favorite.

earthen sea - mirage a very nice record of what you might call ambient techno, released on ital's label lovers rock. warm, melancholy, introspective sounds, spread out across fifty total minutes. highly recommended.

valanx - ejecta remixes four strange, experimental techno tracks turned into... four strange experimental tracks, but the results are actually pretty interesting, and at least wide-ranging.

deepchord - luxury more smooth, warm, heady strands of techno from rod modell.

draag - occulted hard-hitting dj tools, enough said.

Ø - konstellaatio i was quite happy to get to review this album, which is already become a favorite for the year - it shows mika vainio diving further and further into darkly contemplative realms of experimental ambient music.

rick wade - sweet life decent stuff from a longtime purveyor of deep analog house. "the chateau" is the jam.

lakker - containing a thousand mostly more tricky, broken-beat techno from this duo, but i'll say "mausoleum"'s slow, druggy swagger makes that one my favorite.

... and you can find the whole archive of my editorial writing for RA here. look out for more soon!

Monday, March 31, 2014

monday moods: Ø - otava

hello again and just a quick one for now...

a couple months ago, mika vainio returned to sähkö for a new album by way of his longtime alias Ø. it's called konstellaatio, it comes more than five years since the last Ø album oleva though work on it began way back in 2006, and it's pretty fantastic, i'd say - generally more subdued and spaced out than the project's usual fare. here's the wonderfully mellow opening track, "otava." the youtube video has some distortion in the low end, but who cares when there's *those* heavenly pads and twinkling tones? if you haven't checked out the album yet, hopefully this helps convince you.

Friday, March 21, 2014

friday funk: ben frost - venter (new album upcoming!)

you should make sure this one is on your radar: a new album from iceland-based producer ben frost. it's called A U R O R A, and it's due out through mute on may 26th.

for more than a decade, frost has been cooking up abstract and often very aggressive music that defies simple genre tags (though i suppose 'ambient' might work the best). counted among his works are a handful of solo LPs (i first discovered him by way of by the throat, his last solo album from 2009) and film soundtracks - he self-released three albums on that front in 2013. you can hear a lot of his stuff streaming on full over on his bandcamp page.

apparently there's a press release that describing A U R O R A thusly: "starved of all the adornments of its predecessor... a defiant new world of fiercely synthetic shapes and galactic interference, pummelling skins and pure metals." i want to go to there! for now, frost has kindly posted a track from the album, "venter" for free streaming via soundcloud. nervously chiming bells, searing synths and heaving drums abound... tune in and hold on:

the album seems to be a collaborative effort, with frost getting some help from some friends. he's about to lead a live group on tour in support of the album, and i'll hope that some US dates are in order. i was able to see him perform here in chicago about four years ago and was really impressed. anyway, follow ben frost on facebook and twitter, and check out his homepage too. happy friday!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

abdulla rashim prepares first solo album, UNANIMITY

exciting news, another album to look out for in 2014: abdulla rashim, a personal favorite here on smilecoldanatomy, will release his debut solo LP in may!

unanimity is its name, and it'll be the tenth transmission from northern electronics, the label abdulla started a little over a year ago. since then, northern electronics has moved back and forth between deep-diving techno and wintry dark ambient, putting out records from fellow swedes varg (including a series of collaborative joints from varg and abdulla's ulwhednar project), acronym, korridor and råd kjetil senza testa. unanimity looks to be abdulla's first solo effort on the label, as he's continued to put out records on his own self-titled imprint. as usual with the artist and label, details are scarce - which is fine with me - but we do know unanimity will see release on 2xLP, CD, cassette and digital formats. you can stream one of the tracks, "afar depression," right here or via the basic soundcloud player below.

...and here's the full tracklist:

01 - Under The Wasted Sky
02 - Path Inwards
03 - Red Uprise
04 - No Borders
05 - Moral Blinds
06 - Afar Depression
07 - No God
08 - Nothing Existed
09 - Unanimity

abdulla also checked in with juno plus a couple weeks ago for a rare interview, which you should definitely take a look at. and, this great news gives me another opportunity to point you to his excellent anatomy mix from december 2012, which remains his most recent online set. quality over quantity is never a bad thing, i'll say, and there's now been more than 2200 downloads for that one, split between and soundcloud. hell yeah!

oh, and pardon the really slow start to the year here on the blog. life has kept me really, really distracted, but things are starting to clear up, and i promise there will be more smilecoldanatomy action soon, including a few new mixes. until then...