Wednesday, January 13, 2016

favorites from 2015

with my list of favorite music stuff from 2014, i cast a pretty wide net. this year (or last year, whatever), i've gone with a more to-the-point selection. these were the albums and EPs and tracks and remixes that i tended to revisit, again and again, more than anything else, in 2015.

cio d'or all in all semantica

sarah davachi barons court students of decay
abdulla rashim a shell of speed northern electronics
refracted through the spirit realm silent season
steve roach skeleton keys projekt / diophantine discs
raica dose further records
kangding ray cory arcane raster-noton
alva noto xerrox vol. 3 raster-noton
dasha rush sleepstep raster-noton!

stephanie sykes black simulation (w/ dasha rush remix) VENT

polar inertia kinematic optics DEMENT3D
stanislav tolkachev walk along the bottom semantica
svreca narita semantica
emptyset signal subtext
litüus 19805. -_ 19905, avian 
ivic in your rosary JSMË
SPR her eyes are an abyss JSMË & EP1 vis
felix k tragedy of the commons blackest ever black
various (ko-ta, artefakt, iori, kiyokazu hamawaki) body 1:1 mind tikita
ASC beneath the surface silent season
ena meteor samurai red seal
israel vines RMXD (silent servant, talker, BMG) eye teeth
max loderbauer & jacek sienkiewicz ridges recognition
birds of prey orphan anvil self-released

skymn "okuyi (korridor interpretation)" hypnus
kassem mosse / simone white "flowers in may" honest jon's
scarpa "pilgrim's plea" frozen border
claudio prc & ness (TGP) "icore (nuel remix)" outis music
stave "circle pit" repitch
the exaltics "instinct (dopplereffekt hubble constant remodel)" solar one music
sleeper cell "suffocate" lovers rock
marco shuttle "sing like a bird (reprise)" eerie
exos "áttfalt" thule
aaron 'fit' siegel "carmine" fit sound

... thanks, as usual, for reading. more to come soon!

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