Wednesday, December 16, 2015

anatomy 26 - amandra

surprise! here's another anatomy mix...

a french artist currently living in warsaw, poland, amandra crafts expansive, slowly evolving techno. he's one of the minds behind ahrpe records, a label that's been home to his two EPs - monkaunis, ahrpe's first transmission in mid-2014, and lutsin from earlier this year, which came with a very cool korridor remix - along with similarly hypnotizing stuff from fellow co-founder ovend and (recently) flogo.

amandra and i first connected many months ago, and i knew through his work as a producer and label owner that he'd be a great fit for an anatomy mix. with this nearly 75-minute dj set, he digs into a deep groove that leans heavily on older music, but also woven in are three resonating, bassline-driven cuts from his own next release, the drachme tolosate double EP that'll be come out on ahrpe in february. sorry, no interview or tracklist for this one... only sounds, along with some artwork from a photo amandra took in veracruz, mexico.

i'm looking for a new home for the anatomy series, since seems to be in the midst of a change in name and format. for now, you can download anatomy 26 through my dropbox link, and/or you can listen and download at amandra's soundcloud page. do it to it:

(dropbox download link!)

huge thanks to amandra for joining the fun. (and for being patient!) you can also grab a recording of his recent live set in warsaw over at soundcloud. over the next month or so, perhaps there will be a couple more anatomy mixes. until then, enjoy this one and look out for amandra's upcoming double EP... and as usual, thanks for listening!


  1. glad to see you're still up and running the blog!

    1. hey there, thanks for tuning in! hopefully there will be another mix or two to share soon...