Tuesday, January 2, 2018

favorites from 2017

here's a list of 2017 albums that managed to stick with me one way or another, in no particular order:

yuji kondo faces past 10 label
sarah davachi all my circles run students of decay
ena divided: mind horo
elemnt (felix k & DB1) elemnts hidden hawaii
loke rahbek & frederik valentin buy corals online editions mego
robert aiki aubrey lowe levitation praxis pt. 4 DDS
dopplereffekt cellular automatica leisure system
rainforest spiritual enslavement ambient black magic hospital productions

... consider this a not-very-thorough assessment; last year, i wasn't able to focus on music like usual, as i tried to push through a very difficult time in my life. one goal for me in 2018 is to get back to seeking out and enjoying and hopefully writing about more new music. i think the blog will remain on pause for the time being, but i'll still be doing some work at RA.

thanks as always for reading. see you around, maybe!

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