Sunday, June 8, 2014

more RA reviews

oh hey, more RA reviews from yours truly. i'll probably be doing this regularly, and add in a bit of extra opinion, just to make sure anyone who wants to be in the know is... in the know.

ducerey ada nexino - cycles, children & islands EP from an alias of yuji kondo, a japanese producer of dense, abstract techno. anything put out by kondo (or his collaborator katsunori sawa and their joint project, steven porter) is worth a listen.

oscar mulero - electric storm a mostly floor-focused record with so-so sigha and tommy four seven remixes. the originals win, but nothing special, i'd say.

dasha rush - timid ocean drawings it's always nice to see/hear fresh tunes from dasha! there's two here: one a minimalist dancefloor burner, the other a moody ambient techno soundscape.

northern structures - crossing bridges even though the tracks sometimes it sounds a bit same-y, i really like what these guys are doing: carving out their own style of thick, serrated techno.

DSCRD - panopticon another conceptual EP from this group on the the french label DEMENT3D, which continues to be one to watch.

rupcy - utow solidly effective techno, though i do wish that last track (that weird one) was longer.

korridor - dyson sector NGC 224 atmospheric techno from sweden that veers away from the dance floor. the first track's really close similarities to mike parker's stuff aside, this is an interesting release.

donato dozzy - terzo giorno i bet a lot of people had been hoping for a dozzy-SA connection. first there was dozzy's abstract remix of lucy earlier in the year (he had help on drums from his friend and collaborator morphosis, incidentally enough!), now there's this, an EP notable for being one of dozzy's heaviest releases.

abdulla rashim - unanimity already said enough about this one... excellent album!

damaskin - kaona i liked his first record better, but there's some pretty solid, smooth acid tracks on this one. decent though not too stunning cassegrain remix.

drøp - vasundhara heavy experimental grooves from a new artist and label - all italians now living in berlin. there's a pretty monstrous remix from dadub, but the original tracks are compelling enough.

... and as usual you can find this and everything else over at my RA page here.

one last note, these images come courtesy of NASA astronaut reid wiseman, who's currently aboard the international space station (ISS), and frequently posting photos via his twitter page. (you can see the images, and expand them to their original size, here and here and here.) this is his first trip to space, and his enthusiasm is inspiring. these astronauts deserve the highest praise and respect for what they do. space is the place!

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