Tuesday, June 17, 2014

listen to the lost CAUSTIC WINDOW album (aphex twin!)

apparently: in 1994, richard d. james - aka aphex twin - finished up a full-length album using the alias caustic window, which was to be released on his label rephlex. it was never given a full release, and it seems only a few test pressings were shared between the artist himself and some others. fast-forward to earlier this year, when a crowd-funding campaign was started in hopes of purchasing one very high-priced test pressing sold on discogs. that endeavor was a success, and those who participated in the crowd-funding were entitled to a "limited" digital copy of the album... which, of course, in the age of the internet (and youtube, depending on how mean they want to be to non-corporate users), means just about everyone can listen to it.

now, the one sad thing about this is the sound quality, which is good but not excellent. i'll presume it's a reflection of the current condition of the twenty year-old vinyl. (allow me to rant for a second: how the hell could you NOT keep this in pristine condition?) otherwise, this is pretty dope: an inimitable blend of IDM, breakbeat, techno, ambient and so on that james is known for. you can hear the whole thing via this youtube playlist, which is ready to stream below.

the whole thing is good but here's my quick picks: "flutey," "stomper 101mod detunekik," "revpok," and the absolutely awesome "101 rainbows (ambient mix)." oh, and if you really wanted this on vinyl, that test pressing - which is claimed to be, but seems obviously not, in mint condition - is 'available' on ebay...

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