Saturday, November 17, 2012

various - the expression of emotions in man and animals

happy saturday! now time for the expression of emotions in man and animals, a fine three-track, three-artist EP from the label.

the EP is the second part of a trilogy dedicated to charles darwin's studies of mind and nature. to my ears it's a more cohesive listen than the label's first vinyl the power of movement in plants, released back in the spring. like that one, a whole side of the expression is devoted to one very long track: "cascade," from portland artist yard. his effort blurs together tense drones and echo-laden snare hits to draw out one gradually intensifying moment.

but compared to that one - and the similarly shorter flip-side tracks on the power - i'm more easily moved by the expression's two a-side tracks. plant43, who earlier this year crafted one of 2012's best records, dreams of the sentient city on semantica, provides another gem here. the simple, neon-tinged melodies of his "blue skyways" are sure to attract those (like me!) who enjoy the moodier, more atmospheric forms of electro.

"gallano" from little-known artist(s?) valmass, provides a different sort of melancholy: a sub-100bpm journey through an endlessly modulated acid line, minor-key chords, and strange, subtle bits of noise. importantly, both "gallano" and "blue skyways" contribute to the emotional themes of the EP without seeming overly insistent (something i felt with that first EP) - to me, that's a mark of a label refining its sound. overall a very nice sophomore record for - looking forward to the next one!

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