Monday, November 19, 2012

anatomy 20 - abdulla rashim

i am quite excited to share this. it's the twentieth anatomy mix, and it comes from abdulla rashim!

abdulla rashim - anatomy 20

abdulla rashim is an artist from stockholm, sweden with a remarkably elegant, open-ended take on techno. his debut EP came out, not even two years ago, via his own abdulla rashim records. since then he's made tracks and remixes for a handful of like-minded deep-dwelling imprints, such as prologue and silent season. last month, he released what might be his most enthralling work yet: ARR003, endasilasie.

and now here's this mix. anatomy 20 is a heavily atmospheric, 84-minute long voyage. be patient: there's plenty of subtle dynamics and intense moments to be enjoyed throughout. it is, from the beginning to the very end, brilliantly evocative. basically, it's a perfect contribution to this blog's mix series.

no interview, no tracklist, and only a few more words; abdulla rashim likes to keep a low profile. let's just listen in and find out what he has to share.

dropbox download link
abdulla rashim soundcloud download/stream link

big thanks to abdulla rashim for joining the fun here and creating such an inspiring set of sounds. i can't wait to see what he does next... looking forward, for now: he'll release ARR004 at the beginning of next year, and along with some further work on prologue, his upcoming appearances on a select few other labels should certainly turn heads. stateside fans, alert! he'll cross the atlantic for a US tour early next year. more details TBA, of course, so for more information, upcoming gigs, and anything else, it would be wise to follow abdulla rashim's RA page and soundcloud (where he has another link to this mix.)

enjoy! this one is a great way to celebrate twenty anatomy mixes here at smilecoldanatomy, i think. stay tuned for a few more before the year is over.


  1. Great mix!
    Thanks Brian..
    And thanks to Rashim for including some of my favorites in here:)
    Would love to know whats playing at 56min (there looks like its 2 tracks playing, luke slater and ????)

  2. This is a VERY special mix. One of the best, deepest and most beautiful mixes I've heard in 2012.

  3. Beautiful sounds.
    2nd (or 3rd) track a nice older track Leerlauf by Stefan Gubatz on phono elements. Would love to know the next two tracks after that i'm feeling those deep vibes.

    much <3

  4. thanks for tuning in, everyone!

    no tracklist for this, but LTG, one of those you're looking for is from abdulla rashim's next record:

  5. What is the opening track? I have heard this in some other sets, it is so tranquil.

    1. tranquil, indeed! it comes from nuel, and it is on this aquaplano release.
      while the two dozzy/nuel collaborative records on aquaplano have been reissued recently, it's THIS one from nuel that i want the most.