Saturday, June 30, 2012


here's something strange for your saturday:


last summer i pulled this set of sounds from the more abstract corners of my vinyl collection - mostly 'ambient' b-sides and other downtempo stuff. i passed it around to a few friends, and had forgotten about it until one of them mentioned it recently. so, i decided to share it here (thanks juan!). it's a free trip to jupiter, or something. please enjoy your saturday.

pink floyd (richard wright) - sysyphus
obtane|giorgio gigli - the different perception of silence (drone edit) | zooloft
o/v/r - crippled nurse (and water) | blueprint
Ø - ensimmäinen valo | sähkö
skirt - six hours | horizontal ground
giorgio gigli|obtane|milton bradley - escaped from the dark (zooloft remix) | zooloft
pink floyd (david gilmour) - the narrow way
nax_acid - kinetic wax | aconito
panasonic - aines | blast first
giorgio gigli - elsewhere | zooloft
dino sabatini - step four | sonic groove
shifted - avian 1 b1 - avian

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