Monday, June 4, 2012


here's something i've been looking forward to sharing for a while: hakimonu's SLEEPDREAMARTIFICIALMODERN, otherwise known as anatomy 19!


i've been following hakimonu since sometime early last year, when i found him via the special set of sounds he made for the mixture series. hakimonu is from israel, and his music is a unique blend of warm ambient jazz and blissed-out techno. i fell in love with his first full-length release from late last year, cadences & framework techno sketches - EVER (which i reviewed for RA), and he's certainly not slowing down, with another intriguing album recently put out on sleep is commercial, the 100 minute long worlds are born again (which i news'd for RA).

you can hear tracks from both of those albums in SLEEPDREAMARTIFICIALMODERN, a set made entirely of hakimonu's own music (and collaborations with roi okev and glos). get cozy, because this mix is slow and ultra romantic - a perfect introduction to hakimonu's dreamy world of sound.

along with his contribution to the anatomy series, hakimonu had this quote to share:

External knowledge and internal knowledge

All the books at all, the sacred, the secular, and all the following information that came from outside, are only external means to stimulate the inner human spirit.

By the external knowledge a human being takes out what he's hidden in his heart.

(Abraham Isaac Kook)

thanks to hakimonu for being a good sport and sharing some of his lovely music here. check out his facebook page and RA page for a bit more information... and enjoy this very nice anatomy mix.

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