Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lost in a hallucinated romance

new mix by yours truly. a hazy story full of long hypnotic grooves and tense noises:

tin man – birds | white denim
monolake – swamp | monolake/imbalance computer music
perc – bcg (milton bradley beyond the silence mix) | perc trax
giorgio gigli|obtane|nax_acid – the child that was watching the moon | zooloft/aconito ZAltd
the gods planet – no nation | thegodsplanet
xhin – link | stroboscopic artefacts
ben klock – czeslawa | ostgut ton
obtane|giorgio gigli – the different perception of silence | zooloft
darko esser – onmacht | perc trax
nax_acid – synthetic nature | aconito
marcel dettmann – reticle | ostgut ton

i had been wanting to record a new mix for a few months, but only recently did all the pieces come together to get a good quality recording. this mix is made completely with vinyl records in one take, on two technics 1200mk2's with shure whitelabel needles and a vestax pc-175 mixer, connected to my computer via an external rca/usb interface box. audacity 1.3beta was used to capture the sounds and do some minor editing (mostly boosting the levels), before converting it to mp3@320.

thanks to everyone i know - people/friends/musicians - who are constant sources of inspiration. extra hugs to elly and andrew, as well as andrea, claudio, and giorgio, and all friends from around the world who don't mind a bit of darkness...


  1. nice mix sir! thanks for sharing.

  2. Loving this mix! Great work.

  3. This is a great mix. We have a lot of the same records. Good to hear another Chicago guy playing these sounds.

  4. thanks elly and andrew! andrew i wonder if i know you... i'm always down to meet chicago people into this sound, so if you wanna keep in touch, shoot me an email! smilecoldanatomyATgmail