Wednesday, October 20, 2010

lookin' out

heading out for some heartbeats later but for now, here's some news and music and music news. sorry, no pictures for now - i guess blogger is sick right now.

magda's new album drops friday, via richie hawtin's m-nus records. get on it!

on a related matter, check out this interview with richie's visual artist, ali demirel. if you've paid attention at all to what richie's been doing with his plastikman project, you've probably seen this guy's work.

take a look at this guy's artistic depiction of the berghain experience: partying at the world's most (in)famous dance music club. on a more objective note, check out this building profile of berghain. neat blog, that one.

on to some music: check out these two mixes by the forward strategy group guys. i've been really enjoying smear's jam, raw but deep.

back to berghain, check out this fwd mix by xhin, a live recording of him in action at the berlin club. (register first, to get the download link) intense, twisted, loopy... very nice stuff.

keepin' it deep, tune in to this all-vinyl mix of abstract, atmospheric sounds by alan backdrop. alan found me online after listening to my mix (posted below), and it seems like we have similar tastes when it comes to techno... go listen!

oh, and chicago locals, don't forget: stroboscopic artefacts label-head lucy will be in chicago this friday at the migrashun party in the lair in vision's basement. any self-respecting techno head in chicago needs to make it to this one!

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