Thursday, July 15, 2010

thursday night mixes?

yes - thursday (late) night mixes!

clr podcast 070 - edit-select
another great clr techno podcast. this set rides a steady, driving, upward gradient that sets up an ultimately glorious meltdown. don't mind chris liebing's ever-optimistic interludes - this mix burns relentlessly. check that last track: a new ZAltd single by giorgio gigli, obtane, and nax_acid. scroll down a bit to find the tracklist here.

wax treatment podcast #011 - dj pete
dj pete serves up another helping of deep, intelligent dubstep sounds. not much else to say other than the guy has great track selection with a nice mix of aggressive grooves and gorgeous melodies. check the tracklist here.

RA podcast 212 - elektro guzzi
this is a pleasant surprise: a 'rock' power trio - guitarist, bassist, drummer - performing live techno. i had never heard of elektro guzzi before but this is very interesting. i'm really impressed at how tight the band is, each allowing the other time to really get spaced out before getting back to the beat... all in all, this is some pretty dark stuff. clocking in at 50 minutes, it sounds great on its own but i do wish it were (much!) longer. i would very much like to see this band perform live...

listen and learn!

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