Tuesday, July 6, 2010

more music-related food for thought

chomp on these delicious bits of music stuffs:

john roberts to release debut LP in fall: glass eights
resident advisor is reporting that midwest-raised and now berlin-based john roberts is set to release his debut album on october 11 via dial records. over the past two years, the producer has released only a few records, albeit well-received ones, that have been published through dial and its sub-label, laid. his sound fits into the dial/laid deep house aesthetic while still remaining uniquely smooth and relaxed, so it should be interesting to see how his LP compares to dial's venerable album catalog.

'vinyl is back!'
check out this feature on wax.fm, which links to a bunch of articles and essays about the resurgence of vinyl records as a preferred music medium. read a few, then go out and buy some wax!

xlr8r interview with scuba (and deadbeat)
peer into the minds of two of the more popular producers who blur the lines between techno and dubstep at xlr8r. the two guys discuss their respective moves to berlin, where scuba (aka paul rose) has been an integral part of the berlin dubstep scene, featuring a regular night of the music at the infamous berghain. the canadian-born deadbeat (aka scott monteith) compares berlin to his old scene in montreal... interesting discussion!

gushing about sandwell district
take a look at this 'open letter' to one of the most popular techo labels right now, sandwell district. the essay is meant as a bit of a joke, but scroll down to the comments to see some serious discussion about the label, which has been doing very, very good for itself despite a nearly non-existent commercial presence. speaking of which, sandwell recently put out a pair of 'sampler singles', which have received tons of praise; seems like the next thing on the label's agenda is a series of full-length albums... smilecoldanatomy is not alone in impatiently awaiting the arrival of these LPs!

that's all for now... and hopefully soon, there shall be another anatomy mix to present to you all...

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