Sunday, January 3, 2010

the day after the palindrome

hello all, we're just a few hours removed from a rare palindrome day... 01-02-2010. that is, unless you subscribe to the ddmmyyyy format; then you have to wait until february 1st for your time to shine... anyway here are a few more intriguing mixes:

killahertz - live at moscow studio: october 16, 2009
another guy - this time, from moscow - who has produced on fullpanda, you can expect more deep sounds, maybe a bit more immediately accessible to the dance floor than my previous fullpanda references, but still a head trip. killahertz escorts you quickly through long, hypnotic sections and interesting vocal tracks. check out his soundcloud, myspace, and discogs... i'm also about to dive into a free netlabel he has produced for, as well: fragment.

dvs1 - jackcast004
hooray for midwestern talent getting noticed on the international level! this minnesotan recently attracted the attention of berlin-based ben klock (of berghain/ostgut ton fame), who made dvs1 the first outside producer to put out an EP for klock's own label, klockworks. this mix shows off some nice sections of dubby atmospherics and more harsher sounds. check out the original blog for more info and an interview with dvs1.

ike release - sonic router mix
i've been listening to this one a lot. it's only 30 minutes long, but i just love this style, and the time just seems to float lazily by whenever i turn this on. a native chicagoan now residing in berlin, the music of ike release is a bit hard to describe. he combines stuttery, frenetic percussion with slowly-evolving dub chord progressions, and occasionally tender synth and vocal melodies. with the chords and melodies soaring over thick drumbeats, it's at once epic and danceable. after only discovering this mix a few weeks ago, i had the pleasure to see ike release dj at one of the last events at lava here in chicago, a club which (like sonotheque) is being 're-conceptualized.' i'm glad i made it out, because i got what i was expecting: a nice, smooth, deep mix of techno and dubstep. i see there's a little bit more information on the ike release at the sonic router blog; otherwise check his myspace for more info and to stream some of his productions.

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