Thursday, January 28, 2010

bitter cold

hello all. more mixes i've been bumpin':

tin man - live acid set
aciiiiiid. keeping the tip going from my previous article about richie hawtin's upcoming plastikman project, check out this live set by tin man. definitely an intriguing character: his vocal studio tracks have this very dreary, downcast vibe, but here, he turns up the 303 and layers it over a bunch of simplistic drum patterns, synth chords and distorted noise, as well as the occasional, instantly-recognizable electro sample. go to tin man's website for more information and links.

mike parker - mnml ssgs mx42
in short: a stunning musical statement. only about 45 minutes long, but mike parker manages to make quite a point here. fitting 17 tracks into such a short set should quickly tell you that the mixing is gonna be tight, and sure enough, this mix drives forward relentlessly, ending with a chant and sitar drone that feel like one final deep exhale. go to the source for more info... and here for tracklisting.

tom bonaty - modyfier process part 182 - prologue showcase #1
the first in a 3-part 'mini-series' of prologue mixes on the modyfier blog, courtesy of the head honcho of the deep techno imprint. hypnotic and dark - standard prologue fare. with the recent release of cio d'or's excellent 'die faser' - the debut LP on the label - it seems like more good things can be expected from prologue in 2010. click here for the modyfier blog post, tom's words about the mix, and tracklisting.

hope you enjoy this selection of deep, acidic, atmospheric beats!

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