Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i love bruno pronsato !

bruno pronsato is one of my favorite electronic music producers, and his LP why can't we be like us was a top pick for resident advisor's 2008 albums of the year. his older material frankly doesn't impress me that much, but with his most recent handful of releases, he has really carved his own niche in the world of experimental dance music, marking his territory with off-kilter rhythms and wistful female vocals; surprising, given his previous musical life as a speed metal drummer.

bruno's most recent offer, and the first release on his new label thesongsays, is the make up the break up, a 40-minute 'single' that rambles through droney soundscapes, flocks of chirping birds, and other repeated melodic motifs, all while bruno's signature hand claps and wet percussion lazily keep the beat. perhaps the peak of the track comes with the entrance of a few snippets of lyrics by nico, accompanied by blissfully-strangled guitar feedback. nico's barely-coherent preaching, as well as a beautiful wordless female vocal, weave in and out of the mix as those bird chirps bend and curve in strange new directions. it's an epic composition that requires patience, and a close listen.

for those looking for a more immediate form of gratification, try this ep: take 1/take 2, an apparently uncredited collaboration between bruno and daze maxim released late last year on musique risquee. the concept behind both 10-minute tracks is very similar: take a few horn samples (first saxophone, then trumpet), and effect and distort them almost beyond recognition, then submerge them in a sexy stew of acoustic percussion, those hand-claps, and a couple of female vocals intoning "soy tu mariposa" (i think). the results, on both tracks, are ass-shakingly good.

visit his resident advisor page for more information, live dates, and an intriguing interview on the eve of his album release last year. originally from america, bruno now works out of berlin and hops around the world with his live set. i chilled briefly with him after his appearance at sonotheque here in chicago a few weeks ago. the scene was rather debaucherous, but bruno told me his next release will be entitled lovers do/lovers don't. needless to say, i can't wait to hear more out of this talented producer.

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