Tuesday, September 29, 2009

this saturday, 10.3: FREE peoplemuver party - skoozbot (m_nus/plus8/drumcode)

on to a more techno-oriented tip...

this saturday, my buddy shawn kawa and his peoplemuver peoples will be throwing a FREE party here in chicago, featuring skoozbot, a dj who has produced tracks for richie hawtin's m_nus and plus 8 labels, as well as adam beyer's drumcode imprint. given those credentials, you should expect techno of the darker, weirder variety.

just as this event will be free, so is skoozbot's recent net release, music for nighttime stalking. i literally just discovered this upon peeping the dude's myspace, and a first listen is leaving me pleasantly surprised. the second track, corpse callosum, is my favorite, with its soft yet insistent atmospheric growl. the 'living release' project gives the mp3s, flac's, and ableton source files for free, definitely something to keep an eye on for the future.

the party is free, but you gotta rsvp at the email address in the flyer to find out where it's going down. this should be a fun one at a low-key spot (so chill people only please!) that will go from 10pm until very late. support free music and free parties!

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