Thursday, July 31, 2014

ben frost, chicago, halloween!

this should be fun: ben frost will be coming to chicago on friday, october 31st. that's right, halloweeeeeeeeeeen...

a few months ago frost put out his latest album, A U R O R A, the sounds of which he's taking on tour. it's a challenging album, as usual, and one that sounds more futuristic than his other work, yet it has a curiously polished touch to it - but yes, it's still filled with plenty of distorted heft. i think i still prefer by the throat; i saw frost play live during sonar chicago in 2010, shortly after the release of that LP, and he had the seated crowd enthralled as he slowly let loose his swells of guitar noise and pensive beats. but the new album is still an interesting listen, so i can't wait to see how frost performs the new material live. the empty bottle-related show is happening at constellation, formerly known as the viaduct theater, and (though i'm not sure if i've ever been) i've heard good things about the spot. tickets and more details are right here.

also on the lineup with frost is cleared, a chicago duo consisting of michael vallera (aka COIN, an alias that's appeared on opal tapes) and steven hess (who's been involved with groups like pan-american and locrian). spaced-out, reverberated guitars and rattling, loose percussion seem to be the norm for the duo, as they've put out a trilogy of albums on the local label immune over the past few years. you can try all three at the label's bandcamp page.

so, it sounds like an interesting night. zoinks!

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