Monday, December 2, 2013

monday moods: live jams from polar inertia and convextion

it's 630 pm on a monday as i write this, and the sun has been down already for about two hours. hooray for winter? anyway, the evening's menu calls for some distinctly dark, atmospheric techno - when doesn't it? - so if you're in the mood, here are two live sets i've been enjoying a lot recently.

polar inertia - smoke machine podcast 074 first, a mysterious outfit from france, polar inertia. i've written a few reviews over at RA covering their music, which has been released sparingly over the past two years or so. they have a very cool, cinematic approach particularly noticeable on their two solo EPs for DEMENT3D, which link together deep tripping techno cuts with spoken-word/ambient passages that tell a strange sci-fi story. they've a few other production credits to their name but at this point, i'm sure i'm not alone in hoping for another proper EP. at the beginning of the year they turned in this rare podcast for smoke machine, a forty-minute live recording taken from a set that happened, apparently, somewhere around paris. mind-bending stuff, and the last section would seem to give a clue as to where they might go with their next release, whenever it might come out.

convextion at deep motions, october 2013, nijmegen switching to something newer... i've only mentioned convextion once or twice here, and it's time that changed. convextion, aka ERP (real name gerard hanson) has been a personal favorite for years, ever since i discovered his excellent self-titled LP. hailing from texas, he specializes in electro and techno sounds that are sleek, melodic, futuristic, and so gorgeous they almost hurt. there's a good amount of convextion recordings floating around, but his sets are so fresh and dynamic, i'd say you can never have enough of them. this one is relatively recent, coming from a deep motions party in nijmegen, the netherlands back in october, and weighs in at a hefty 91 minutes. (thanks to them for sharing it!)

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