Tuesday, June 11, 2013

this thursday: faltyDL and bill kouligas at chicago's pritzker pavilion

it's almost summer here in chicago, which means tons of street festivals and free public concerts in the coming months, and which usually means at least a few must-see shows at the magnificent jay pritzker pavilion in millennium park.

this year there sadly appears to be less electronic music offerings than usual, even by the slim standards of previous years - which makes the notable events even more notable. keep in mind the loops and variations series, which starts off with a bang this thursday night, thanks to two well-regarded out-of-towners, each with their own flair for adventure: ninja tune and planet mu's faltyDL is likely to offer up some soulful stuff with heavy hints of garage and techno, while bill kouligas, owner of berlin's acclaimed PAN imprint, might move a bit farther into more abstract environs. (click here and there for some sounds from each artist, respectively.)

the show will start at 630pm and presumably run until 9pm or so. graciously, venue rules allow visitors to bring their own food and drink - yes, you can bring alcohol - and picnic gear, so be sure to come adequately prepared. the pritzker pavilion is one of my favorite places in the city, and this is one of the venue's most forward-thinking electronic music lineups this summer, so i'm pretty excited. see you there!

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