Monday, February 18, 2013

monday moods: stream a 20-minute collaboration between MURCOF and PHILIPPE PETIT

looking to properly unsettle your monday afternoon? then read on!

some of you might fondly recall the mexican artist murcof, aka fernando corona. over the last decade he's produced an excellent series of solo albums: murcof, utopía, remembranza and cosmos. each album was a unique synthesis of minimalist techno, IDM, ambient and classical music, and each one seemed to go deeper than the one before it. also, take a look at how the first letter of each album title lines up - M, U, R and C - and join me in hoping that two more solo LPs (O and F) will be revealed at some point.

anyway, it looks like he's got a full-length collaboration coming out later this year on the aagoo imprint with french-born experimentalist philippe petit, and the duo are kindly sharing a free stream of the album opener, "the call of circé". it's a 20-minute trip, and (not surprisingly) quite a lush and gloomy one too. have a listen:

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